The Benefits of Using a WP PopUp Plugin To Build A List

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If you are currently setting up an online business of some kind, you will no doubt be looking for effective ways to market your products or services from your website.

In this brief article we will explain why tools such as WP PopUp plugins to market your products can give you an edge over your competitors in the Internet marketing aspect of your online business.

One of the main strategies Internet marketers employ to market their products to a tightly targeted group of people is to concentrate their promotional efforts to the people on their email list, which they build using an autoresponder service such as AWeber or MailChimp or the myriad other autoresponders available on the internet.

Typically the ingredients you will need in order to successfully build an email list of potential clients includes:

  • a website with great products or information which attracts search traffic
  • an autoresponder account
  • some way in which you can ask your visitors to sign up to your list

Although the above ingredients look straightforward enough, if you’ve ever built your own sites  before you’ll already know that getting quality traffic to your site is not so straightforward.

Now assuming that you’ve managed to succeed in doing at least the first two of the points above, you are still not guaranteed in succeeding in converting your visitors to buyers or even subscribers to your autoresponder list.

Therefore, to increase your chances of signing people up to your email list you will need some type of call-to-action to ask them to perform the act of signing up to your autoresponder email list from one of your website pages.

There are many ways to do this, some of which include sidebar form widgets or glossy forms with images or videos all of which ultimately have a field for entering an email address with a submit button.

But by far the most powerful way to ask people to sign up to your list, is by using a WP Popup plugin.

The reason why a WP popup plugin is so effective as a call-to-action is because of its conspicuous nature and the fact that you are assured that the visitor will see it.

By using the functionality of a WP popup plugin to sign people up to your list, you can decide when and how, the people viewing your webpage will see the call-to-action. This is a very dynamic way to present content which consequently makes it a powerful marketing tool.

This is in contrast to the static method of displaying a form on the page which the viewer may or may not see.

Most WP Popup plugins today come with features which allow customizable opt-in forms and a selection of flexible trigger options so you can pinpoint exactly when you want your visitor to be presented with the popup window.

You can also greatly increase the perceived value of your website simply by having a well designed popup window with the buttons and colors which are proven to be psychologically efficient at getting people to sign up or subscribe to your site.

So we can see that the benefits of using Wp popup plugins to grow your list far outweigh the negatives but there is also a fine line you will have to tread between a pleasant user experience and one which will cause annoyance as a result of popup windows which appear at the most inopportune times (this is where an intelligent WP Popup plugin can help).

To minimize the annoyance factor which popups can potentially create for visitors, you will need to tailor the look and feel of your popup and importantly you will have to decide when the popup will be triggered.

It highly recommended that you do your own split tests to determine how and when you will trigger your popups. Split testing your website in general is something which you should be doing anyway, but when it comes to WP popup functionality, it can be tremendously beneficial.

Once you find that sweet spot where you are getting maximum email subscriptions with minimum page bounces, you are well on your way to building a list with a targeted audience that makes for a very fertile marketing ground which will be the envy of any marketing guru, and you’ll even wish that you had used a WP popup plugin earlier.

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