Selecting The Best Auto Responder For Your Email Marketing Campaign

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One of the most common online marketing strategies used in online businesses is email marketing. Email marketing, as the name implies, makes use of emails to promote a company or a product to potential customers. Compared to other marketing strategies, this is a whole lot easier as all you have to do is to compose a message promoting your offerings and then sending it to a list of users. With email marketing, you can reach to a lot of people worldwide with just a button press.

The Problem with Email Marketing

Besides having to wait for a few weeks to see the results (which is also the same as other online marketing strategies), there is one huge problem you need to deal with should you opt for the email marketing strategy – how can you reply to people who responded to your emails? If, for example, you sent 1,000 emails to different people and around 100 of those people responded, how can you quickly reply to them? For sure, they would want a prompt response from you. And what if you sent millions of emails? That would be a huge problem, even if you have hired workers who can help you in responding on these emails.

Next issue is email delivery. How can you guarantee that all these emails you are sending are actually going to the inbox of your users. If these emails just goes to the spam box then it doesn’t do you any good.

Is there a solution to these problems with email marketing? Fortunately, there is a solution to this and this is done by opting for an autoresponder software/service.

What is an Autoresponder Software?

As the name implies, autoresponder software is a software that allows you to respond automatically to your clients. No longer will you need to compose an email to each of the thousand people who have responded to your emails. All you need to do is activate the software, and let it do the work for you. No longer will you have to repeat and resend the same message over and over again to your users.

These popular autoresponder services also uses a double otp-in mechanism to make sure the user gives you permission to send them email before you can send an email to them. This helps with email delivery as you are never bombarding an anonymous user with emails if he/she didn’t agree to receive emails from you.

There are many autoresponder software available on the market today, but two of the most popular autoresponder applications are Mailchimp and Aweber. We will discuss the pros and cons of each, as well as suggest which one is better.


If you want an interesting autoresponder software, you will definitely want to opt for Mailchimp. The reason why this is interesting is because it contains funny, yet informative, links to videos online. Although, sometimes, this can be a little bit distracting and you may end up watching videos instead of using the program for your email marketing strategy. However, don’t put it off simply because it has distractingly funny videos, as it contains everything you will need in order to do proper email marketing, as well as performing autoresponder duties.

It contains informative and interactive graphs, allowing you to view the numbers of emails you have sent, number of emails that failed to be delivered, number of emails that had responses, and other useful data that will be of great use to you. What’s more is that it contains additional software that lets you compose your messages and use HTML codes with it to create better-looking messages.  Mailchimp truly is a useful program for your email marketing strategy.

But the best feature of Mailchimp is its autoresponder feature. With a simple press of a button, you can respond to thousands, or even millions, of mails within a few seconds. No need to change their names one by one, as the program will do it for you. And as mentioned before, it can help you keep track of the number of people who have responded to your mails. Mailchimp can by used by both beginners and experts.

Mailchimp is moderately priced at $15 per month – a price that won’t hurt your budget as much as you would if you opt for other autoresponder services. What’s more is that they offer a free trial, so you will be able to test it out for yourself and see if it works for you or not.


Aweber is another one of the most popular autoresponder services you can use for email marketing. Aweber has been on the business for more than a decade now, and has thousands of clients worldwide. The reason Aweber has that number of users is that it is simple, user-friendly, and guarantees success in email delivery.

Like Mailchimp, it comes included with graphs that can help you with monitoring your progress. Statistics and data are constantly updated, and are neatly listed and organized, allowing you to view these much-needed information easily. And like Mailchimp, Aweber has templates that can help you in composing and personalizing your messages. Aweber templates are also accepted by big email providers such as Google and Yahoo!.

Aweber, too, has an autoresponder option, and it works like a charm. It is very easy to use, even a total beginner to email marketing can easily get a grasp of how it works. A unique feature of Aweber is that it can generate unique emails by personalizing them, thus giving each email a more personal feel.

Aweber does not offer a free trial, unlike Mailchimp, but you can try out their services for $1 for the first month. If you are satisfied and want to use Aweber, you will have to pay $19 / month.

Which One Is Better?

Both services are known for their ease of use and user-friendliness. And while Aweber does not offer a free trial service, you can still opt for their service by paying $1.

In my opinion, AWeber is better when it comes to delivering the emails to your users. After all you need the emails to go to the inbox of your users and not the spam box. However, it is best that you try out both softwares and see which one works for you.

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