How To Increase Sales Using Popups In Your WordPress Site

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Increasing traffic to your website isn’t a gauge of success until you’ve converted them into sales. There are many ways of increasing your website’s traffic as there are many ways of converting them into sales. In other words, your e-shop’s success is really measured by the number of conversion, sales, subscriptions, and high customer loyalty. This article will show you how you can achieve higher number of conversion/sales by using a WordPress popup plugin effectively.

Lets say that your visitor has landed on your landing page, what will you do next? Is it time to show a popup?

Popups Can Be Good Or Bad For Your WordPress Site

Popups can be very helpful in your conversion rate as much as it can be very harmful to your business. Improper use of popups can drive your visitors away from your website and never return again. You must learn how to use popups properly. Here are the things that you should consider to increase sales using popups in your WordPress Site.

What Message To Put In Your Popups?

Perhaps you have seen many of this small dialog boxes showing up out of nowhere when you have entered a business website. Some, certainly, annoyed you while some served a good deal of help. The helpfulness of popups relies on several factors. One of these factors is the message contained in them. A useful popup is one that calls your prospective customers to action. Some of the call to action popups includes those that asked the customer to “Like” the website before or after entering their information. Some popups calls visitors to subscribe, gives information about new promos, new products, bonuses, etc. Always remember that you can use different popup messages for a single webpage. Messages of bonuses and discounts are a sure way to get your visitor’s attention.

When Should Your Popups Pop-Up?

The timing for your popups in your website is a very important factor to consider. Remember that ‘too often’ will annoy your visitors. Showing a popup at the wrong time will also annoy theme. Imagine a popup that keeps on showing up after every five seconds. Add to this, the popup has the same message over and over again. It will definitely annoy you, right? So how much time do you need until you show your first popup? The answer is fairly simple. Imagine that you are the visitor, how much time do you think you’ll need before you can read and understand the information shown in your landing page? You should base your pop-up time from your answer to this question. Remember that a popup will only be of much use when your visitor has already read and understood your webpage’s contents. DO NOT show a popup that says “Buy Now!” if your visitor haven’t even got a chance to read the details of your product or service.

How Many Times Should You Show a Popups?

One of the most important factors to consider in showing your popups, as I said earlier, is to not irritate your visitors. A popup with THE SAME message that keeps on showing up will make your visitor angry. Remember that once your popup shows up and the visitor declines it, do not show it again, at least not for a while. It is wise to use different messages for your popup. You should show these in sequence – taking ample amount of time between popups, of course – if the visitor refused the first one,  it wouldn’t be irritating to see another popup again if it has a different message.

What Do You Have To Know?

You can’t just decide and put those popups on your website anytime you like. You have to have the basic skills first. You must have at least the basic knowledge in programming. Creating popups will require you to create corresponding code for it. You have to generate the code yourself, or you can hire someone to do it. But there’s good news for WordPress users. There are a few good popup plugins for WordPress that you can use and it will make your life a lot easier. One of these popup plugins is the WP Intelligent Popup plugin. It has excellent features and you can customize it to fit your preferred style. You don’t have to be an expert or coder or hire a developer to create beautiful popups.

Make Your Popups Look Attractive

The popup that you show is part of your webpage. Because of this, make it as stylish as you can. Be sure that it matches with your webpage design. DO NOT just let a square grey popup box pop-up out of nowhere.

As mentioned earlier; there are lots of popup plugins available for WordPress users. However, not all of them are quality popup plugins. So, make sure to do a little research before you start using a popup plugin.

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