10 Tips to Increase Effectiveness of Email Marketing Campaign

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It is not an easy task to create a highly effective email marketing campaign. There are a number of points to keep in mind that can help you in launching your campaign with the assurance that the response is going to be as per your expectations. Here is a list of 10 tips that would help you in increasing the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign.

1. Create a Plan

Keep in mind that your email campaign would be adversely affected if it doesn’t have any direction and consistent messaging. Make sure that your marketing and sales message is properly aligned and there should be a clear plan for the distribution of your content. Your email campaigns need to be written for the target audience. At the same time, it is important to understand that email marketing is not a one-size-fits-all campaign. You have different prospect segments and different messages need to be created to target each of these segments.

2. Avoid Spamming Under All Circumstances

Your target audience is already dealing with hundreds of spam messages per week, and you don’t want to join that club. The simplest thing you can do is to display yourself in an honest way and offer something of value. In other terms, valuable and useful information is one of the keys to winning the trust of your target audience.

3. Keep The Email Message Easy on the Eyes

You must understand that your email is one of the hundreds that are just sitting unread in the inbox of your prospects. Once you have grabbed their attention with that compelling subject line, match the content in the email to encourage them to keep it open. Your goal should be to hold onto their attention or your mail would be deleted or they would move to the next message.

One part of the job would be to ensure that the content of the email is scanable. If possible, it would be best to use bullet points for making the information easily digestible. For example, if you send an email that has more than 4 paragraphs, your target audience is more likely to lose the attention. This will also mean that they may not have a lot of interest in opening the next email you send them.

4. Create Sharable Content

According to online marketing experts, your email messages should be embedded with sharable icons. If the recipients find your message interesting, they would want to share it with their network. Keep in mind that this is much likely to occur if your email message contains highly useful and interesting content. Once you are successful in creating such a useful message, it is extremely important to provide tools or buttons to make the message sharable on your audience’s social network. Imagine the number of prospects you can generate even if a small fraction of the recipients share your information.

5. Create Relevant Content and Personalize

In simple terms, the content should be relevant or personalized to your target audience. Recent studies have revealed that 70% of the time, email users were likely to respond to a commercial email if the content matched with the interests they had already chosen. This is a huge percentage and it emphasizes the importance of enabling email users to select their categories of interest and giving them control over the types of commercial emails they should receive. The study found that the most popular categories included household items and coupons.

Secondly, the study also revealed the importance of the “from” name of the email. This name was found to be the most persuasive reason for the recipients to open the email. Therefore, you must ensure that the name of your company is stated clearly in the “from” field.

6. Focus on the Subject Line

Use creative subjects to increase the open-rate of your emails. If you use a poor subject that is not relevant to the content, you are not helping the cause. This would usually result in deletion of the message without even reading it. Choose a spicy subject and headline that would catch the attention of the email recipients. Several studies have revealed that the most compelling subject lines are discount offers, some attention-grabbing news, announcement of new product launches and even free shipping.

7. Embed Images Properly

According to online marketing specialists, the main mistake made in email marketing campaigns is to embed images in a way to create a webpage like effect. However, you must follow any of the two main methods for including images in your email. The first method would allow the user to see the image even if it has been attached to the email message. This is the actual form of embedding images into emails. The positive thing about this method is that the recipient is going to see the image in one way or the other.

The second method to include images into your email is to add an image the way it is added to a web page. In this case, the email would carry a URL that points to the image on your server.

8. Track Statistics and Adapt

Email marketing has become an effective tool for CRM and it is important that you see it that way. As an essential feature, your email marketing service should be tracked on a real-time basis. Real-time tracking has become the standard, and it has become extremely helpful, allowing you learn the time when a recipient opens your email, clicks on the link and makes a purchase. When you study the actions of your users, it will help you adapt and improve your messages so that the campaign can perform better over time.

9. Keep the Emails Short

In all possibilities, it is difficult for anyone to read a long message, so make sure that your email message is short and simple. If you send a long message, your prospects wouldn’t take the trouble to read through the message. Make sure that you only provide a brief introduction about your company and product. Instead of elaborating, simply provide a link so that the reader can follow the link for more information if they want to.

10. Make an Effective Call to Action

Your email message won’t serve its purpose, if there is no call to action. Tell your readers what to do after they have read your message. An effective call to action is the key to making your email marketing campaign successful.

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