How to Increase the Respect from Your Clients and Take Your Business to the Next Level

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For a lot of business owners, an often overlooked aspect in the assessment of how well (or badly) their business is going is the way they deal with their clients – or to put it another way, how they allow their clients to deal with them.

Allowing oneself to be treated like a cheap throwaway commodity can be the main cause of why a lot of businesses particularly in the online realm are not doing as well as one might have first anticipated.

Continuing with our analogy of “cheap, throwaway, commodities”…….

Things which are branded with this type of label are actually cheap and throwaway for a reason – ie, they are usually easy and inexpensive to make and hence this also makes them very easy to copy or reproduce. More importantly they usually have no lasting value and are easy to replace.

This analogy applies to not only “things” which are produced in a production line but also to people and the skills which they have to offer.

Keeping the above in mind, it might now be a good idea to look inwards to yourself and your own business and ask whether the service or product you are offering is cheap, easily reproducible and value-less.

Are you doing something which everybody else is doing and expecting to become successful?

The reason why I have initially focused on you and your product is because a lot of the time this can dictate how your customers and clients treat you and ultimately how you perceive yourself in the eyes of the client and your competitors.

You will find that the most successful and respected online entrepreneurs and business owners have earned respect through their skills, actions and attitudes, which consequently translate into great products and services and hence amazing success.

Below is a selection of brief points which will hopefully provide some practical guidelines on how to increase your own worth and your business’s success which will in turn earn the respect you think you deserve.

Become an expert or at least very good at what you do

People love dealing with experts because they get that warm fuzzy feeling inside which gives them confidence that they are getting a quality product, service or treatment.

Experts always make people feel that “I’m in good hands”.

Experts are also less common than the average Joe which means that as the expert you are much less of a “throwaway commodity” because you possess something which is harder to find.

Let’s take an example of a WordPress theme designer/developer. The expert will design and properly code their theme to minimize potential bugs and interference with other aspects of a web site such as plugins etc. The non-expert will try to copy this but if and when they are faced with the prospect of solving an issue which may arise in the future with their theme, they will most likely be unable to solve the issue or figure out the cause of the problem.

Meanwhile the expert already has a deep understanding of the how the pieces in the puzzle work and so they are easily able to fashion a solution to a problem.

Yeah sure the non-expert might be cheaper but in the long run you will find that you end up spending more money to correct the deficiencies of their product and you’ll end up wasting valuable time fixing things instead of focusing on your business.

Therefore, if there’s one investment you should make, it’s the time to invest in yourself and educate yourself in your chosen business niche so that you become more knowledgeable than your average competitor. And as we said before, the more expert you become the less you can be copied and hence the more respected and successful your business will be.

Weed out the tire kickers and don’t underprice your product or service

If you are offering a premium product then you can’t expect to achieve success with your business by going after the low-end clients.

Most “low end” clients possess characteristics such as usually expecting something for nothing. Low end clients initially seek out the free solution and when they can’t find it they expect to pay the minimal amount possible to achieve what they are looking for.

These types of clients have a directly opposing attitude to the one which we are trying to nurture in this article, ie, you have to put in some quality effort to achieve a quality result.

Thus when pitching your product or service, don’t fall for the trap of going in too low with price because you will quickly find that you will erode your energy dealing with people who waste your time and will not compensate you for it.

The customer is not always right

We have all heard the term “the customer is always right” and this may be true for some cases.

However, if you are in the situation where you are constantly jumping through hoops at the request of every client just to make them happy, you have effectively relinquished control of your actions to somebody else.

Sometimes you may need to draw the line and remind yourself (and your client) who the expert is because otherwise your client would not be seeking your help.

Thus as a business owner it is very important to establish very clear expectations about the job/product up front because this will negate any confusion and unrealistic demands your client might have in the future.

By the same token we are not advocating that you do not listen to your customers because the feedback which your customers give you can be an invaluable source of information regarding the improvement of your business.

But what we are saying is that you should not let the equilibrium of the vendor/client relationship be unbalanced by a dominating client with unrealistic expectations because you will quickly find yourself being sucked down a hole where you are expending a lot of your time for little gain.

Therefore do not be afraid to tell your customers if you think something should not be done a certain a way.

You should also be prepared to walk away if clients continue to insist on being difficult because cutting your losses early will save you money and time in the long run.

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