Email Marketing – 5 Crucial Reasons to Have an Email List

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Email marketing is one thing that has worked wonders for thousands, but has also been a big failure for many. Many believe that it no longer possesses the power it did a few years back. Some believe that the days when people actually read long emails are gone – the world is moving faster and no one has the time to read full emails unless they’re important and work-related, or written by close ones. The era of sending letters was abolished long ago and replaced by electronic mail (e-mail). But it seems that the social media is dominating the use of email for personal conversations. All this leads many experts to re-think on the so-called powerful email marketing strategies.

Yet, there are millions who need emails in everyday life. This might be for formal (work-related) or personal reasons. The reason why email marketing has worked for thousands is that their lists of emails have a very huge number of active subscribers. They’re specifically called active because they do open the mails received, and probably click on the links/banners etc. contained inside the mail.

Therefore, assuming that the power of email marketing is yet alive and pretty much effective, following are 5 important reasons why you need to build up your email list.

A Great Source Of Traffic

You will surely agree that people don’t check your blog every 10 minutes, but they do that with their emails. Most online socialites make the use of smartphones; therefore they actually check their emails 24×7. This means that the moment you send your message, they open it (provided that they’re interested in it) and take further actions such as visiting the links within the articles. Now there’s hardly any email sent out by marketers that doesn’t contain any link. It is in the writer’s hand as to make the readers click the link(s). This, hence, increases traffic. Don’t believe? Check the following example.

You don’t have to think that it is useless if you just had two links and only 20% readers clicked on the same. That’s because if your list had 10,000 subscribers, you’ll straightly get 2000 hits within a few hours – and all that with just one email, and only 20% clicks!

Connecting With Readers

Another great use of email marketing is that you can connect with your readers. It actually depends on you as to how to start the conversation. You cannot just write “Hello” and expect replies from your subscribers. You have to be creative in writing such that your words force and influence the readers to reply back to your messages. Even if 0.5% subscribers start a conversation every month, it is a very great advantage for you because many of them will surely convert into regular readers.

Providing Automatic Tutorials (Autoresponders)

Many blogs and sites offer/promise a series of tutorials and guides upon sign ups to their lists. Such offers do attract a lot of readers, who then go on to become the subscribers of the same. Therefore, if you believe that you can create a good series of emails that will definitely be wanted and appreciated by your readers – then why not put it up as an autoresponder series which sends out an email automatically at the specified time after the specified durations?

Such autoresponders are responsible for the continuous flow of traffic provided that you have links within those emails to the blogs/articles/pages where you want the traffic to land. That’s because the broadcast messages that you send only reach the ‘current’ subscribers, but autoresponders are sent out to every subscriber (new or old) at the specified times.

Updating About Your Blog/Products

If you run a successful blog, you might surely have some updates regularly. Updates can be anything such as – design updates, new terms updates, new disclosure, new ideas for the blog to grow more and provide more value to the readers, or any major updates about new additions such as revenue sharing for guest bloggers etc. Such updates are important, especially for the regular readers of the blog and therefore should be sent out when applicable. This also builds connections with your readers, as mentioned in the second point.

If you own a blog/site where you see digital products, you definitely need to have your customers on the list. This is really vital because one thing that customers want is support – asked or not. For example, if you’re selling WordPress Plugins and there is a major update by WordPress, you have to make sure that your customers know whether or not they have to update the plugin so that it can be used with the latest version of WordPress. Also, you can set autoresponders that let your customers know about some great features of the products that might be overlooked by them.

The Monetization Factor

You must have surely heard them say, “Money is in the list”. As mentioned in the beginning, this has worked for thousands, and it still is working. Therefore, you have all the rights to send out promotional emails, but advised that you do so only occasionally. The promotional emails can be anything such as – promoting affiliate products (products that earn you a commission upon sale), promoting affiliate recurring services ( memberships that earn you recurring commissions), promotional paid emails (emails that have been paid for by advertisers, and only contain what the advertisers want to have) – these are also known as sponsored emails.


To wind up, it is surely proved that the power of email marketing yet plays high in the sky and has the potential to work like a charm for you, your blog and eventually your readers as well. Be it the question of generating traffic from time to time, connecting with your readers, supplying the promised material in the form of autoresponders and generating regular flowing traffic, updating your readers/customers about your blog/products regularly or making money creatively – its all in your list. Therefore, the need of having a list exists. All you need is a creative mind, patience and uncountable amount of dedication.

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