Top 5 Reasons: Why You Should Not Buy Bulk Email List for Email Marketing

Posted by on Jan 19, 2013 in Blog, Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the many online marketing strategies available for online businesses. With email marketing, you can reach millions of potential customers worldwide with just one click of a button. This online marketing strategy is usually done through, as the name suggests, emails and customers’ email addresses. This strategy is very viable and very successful for building online businesses. Of course, before you are able to make use of this strategy, it is vital that you obtain something first – a compiled list of email addresses wherein you can send your messages, as well as...

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How To Get Your Posts Shared Without Asking

Posted by on Dec 27, 2012 in Blog

If you’ve been engaging in online communities, maybe of your blog’s niche, you might have noticed many bloggers out there who literally beg the fellow community members to share their posts. They don’t seem to care whether the post is worth sharing to millions or not. All they need is an increase in the counts of those social media buttons on their site. Apart from asking everyone to share, they also keep on sharing their stuff every 30 minutes (approx.) which is a very annoying thing for everyone because the timeline is sometimes full of their posts. Here are some quick...

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How To Increase Sales Using Popups In Your WordPress Site

Posted by on Oct 4, 2012 in Blog, wp-popup

Increasing traffic to your website isn’t a gauge of success until you’ve converted them into sales. There are many ways of increasing your website’s traffic as there are many ways of converting them into sales. In other words, your e-shop’s success is really measured by the number of conversion, sales, subscriptions, and high customer loyalty. This article will show you how you can achieve higher number of conversion/sales by using a WordPress popup plugin effectively. Lets say that your visitor has landed on your landing page, what will you do next? Is it time to show...

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How to Make The Best Use of Pop-Ups in Your Business Site

Posted by on Sep 17, 2012 in Blog

Banner ads have been used for promoting websites. however, pop-ups can also go a long way in promoting your business website. Users would find it extremely difficult to avoid any attractive pop-ups when they are surfing the web. There are times when a website is going to have many pop-ups when users click a window. This is something that shouldn’t be practiced as it can slow down their computer systems and can be a reason for irritation. Therefore, it is necessary to use these advertising tools in the best possible way. A user would come across a pop-up ad when he/she comes upon a site and...

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Buttons for WP – WP CSS3 Button Creator Plugin

Posted by on Jul 30, 2012 in Blog, WordPress Plugin

The WP CSS3 Button Creator Plugin allows you to create beautiful CSS3 buttons that you can use on your WP Site. The easy to use CSS3 button generator interface makes it a super easy to generate awesome CSS3 buttons quickly. You do not need to know any CSS coding at all (The plugin takes care of that). Simply generate the CSS code for the button and then use it anywhere on your WordPress site. Download the WP CSS3 Button Creator Plugin Download the WordPress CSS Button Creator Plugin CSS3 Button Generator Features Create unlimited number of CSS3 buttons Works with all modern browsers,...

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Building Your Email List With An Optin Form

Posted by on Jun 30, 2012 in Blog

If you’ve just started a website or are in the process of exploring the possibility of creating your own site perhaps to make some money from, then you may have heard various people talk about “list building”. A “list” is basically a term used to denote a collection of people who have subscribed in some way to your blog or website by willingly offering you their email addresses usually in return for something like free newsletters or “members only special deals” etc. Another way to put it is that a list is basically a collection of email addresses from people who have given you...

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