Install, create beautiful popups, setup the popup trigger conditions and rapidly accelerate your newsletter opt-in and sales conversion without annoying your visitors!
It is a known fact that showing a beautifully designed lightbox popup to your visitors is one of the best ways to get their attention and in the process increase the conversion rate of your offer (example: special sale, membership deal, a newsletter subscription etc.).
However, if you are going to greet EVERY single visitor to your site with the SAME popup then it will annoy the crap out of them and in turn have a negative impact! When you annoy someone you lose any chance of earning trust from that user and you lose the conversion chance. On the other hand showing the right offer to the right visitor at the right time yields higher conversion.

So, How Do You Show Popups To Your Visitors Without Annoying Them?

The Intelligent WordPress Popup plugin helps you show the right offer (via an elegant popup) at the right time to the right visitor. Thus you are always advertising to an interested audience which yields high conversion rate while keeping the annoyance factor to an absolute minimum. For example, consider the following scenario:

One visitor has spent some time (around 5 minutes) on your product page. Obviously this user is somewhat interested in your product so why not show him a special product discount (via a popup) to seal the deal right now? At the very same time another visitor has been spending some time on your blog page. He is probably interested in your blog articles so why not show him your newsletter opt-in popup?

The Intelligent WP Popup Plugin can allow you to do that!

Finally, a smart WordPress popup plugin that won't annoy every single visitor that happens to stumble upon my site!
Martin Thompson

Features Include...
WP Popup plugin is easy to install

Easy Installation

Easy installation like any other WordPress plugin. Setting up the Intelligent WordPress Popup plugin is a breeze.

WP Popup plugin has elegant popup skins

Beautiful Predefined Skins

Predefined elegant popup skins that are ready to be used. You can also create popups with your own style.

Customize the popup with freeform editor

Freeform HTML Editor

The freeform HTML editor lets you design your own popup just the way you want your visitors to see it.

Live preive of the popup

Live Preview

You can easily preview and test any popup customization before making the changes live.

Smart popup triger conditions

Smart Popup Trigger Conditions

The specific popup is only shown to the visitor if the specified popup trigger condition is met.

Works with major autoresponders

Works with All Major Autoresponders

Works with all Major Autoresponders and newsletter opt-in providers (AWeber, MailChimp, GetResponse, iContact etc.).

WP Popup plugin works with caching plugin

Works with Caching Software

Full compatibility with any WordPress Caching plugin including the WP Super Cache and the W3 Total Cache Plugins.

Works on all modern browsers

Compatible with All Modern Web Browsers

Intelligent WP Popup plugin works on all modern web browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera)

Additional Features Include...
1. Create Unlimited Number of Subscribe form
2. Build Lightbox Subscription/Opt-in form with Ease
3. Exit Popup with HTML Content
4. Hassle-Free Interface to Create New Popups
5. Includes Optional Hide a Popup Forever Feature
6. Multiple Popup Graphical Themes
7. Multiple Popup Types
8. Different custom popups

9. Works Perfectly with WordPress, Multisite and BuddyPress.

10. Display Fancy popup(s) to Visitors Network wide, Per Site or on Specific URLs

11. Real WYSIWYG: What You Edit/Create is EXACTLY What You Will See Inside the Popup

12. Ability to Set the Amount of Time that Passes Between When the User Hits Your Site and when the Pop up Displays

13. Options for Customizing who Sees Your Popups Including Logged Out Users, Visitors Who Commented , Search Engine Visitors.

14. Compatible with Any Properly Coded WordPress Theme. Customize the Style and Layout of Your Popup to Fit Your Design Needs.

15. Embed Anything: Inside the popup You Can Ember Any Custom Content, a Blog Page Content or Even an External URL

The amount of features this plugin offers at such a low price will blow your mind. This is a must have WordPress popup plugin for serious list builders!
Jane Tanner
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Ultimate conversion tool (increase product sales,
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Advanced trigger conditions (helps you keep
the annoyance factor to a minimum)

Create beautiful popups with any content (you can
edit content using the standard WordPress editor)

Create video popups with your
autoresponder opt-in form

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